The Power of Words

by elementhealing

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are having a good day, I’m trying.  🙂  I thought I’d share this post from July of last year.



Have you ever paid attention to the first thought you had after waking up? I don’t mean the thoughts that flood in like a tidal wave reminding you of all the things you have to get done during the day. Those thoughts are us obsessing over our way too busy lives. I mean the real first thought, that moment when you are conscious only that you are awake. It’s in these moments thatmessages are whispered from your Guardian Angel and Guides.

Because our lives and minds are so cluttered with the business of “Todo Lists”that we heap upon ourselves, we aren’t always listening to the messages that are trying to be relayed. So our Guides try other ways to reach us like in our dreams and in our moments of uncluttered thought. You know, you hear a voice speak to you and…

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