Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Small Medicine Wheel

The Small Medicine Wheel came today to tell us we are on the edge of a New Beginning. The Medicine Wheel is Sacred, it gives us everything we need. The Eagle in the East guides our spiritual growth. The Coyote in the South helps us find balance. The Bear in the West knows the answers to our unspoken questions and shows us the way to truth. The Buffalo in the North holds all wisdom and teaches us to give and to be grateful. The White Eagle is the Guardian of the threshold and the protector of the Sacred Wheel she will guide us to our New Beginning.

This Medicine wheel tells us we have learned an important lesson and it is here to guide us into a new phase. With each lesson we learn along our path our awareness grows in order to take in the new, this allows us to pay attention to the signs and get a better prospective on how to proceed. Today as we cross the threshold lets let our minds explore the possibilities ahead. This is also a good day for us to push our work forward so lets let the energy of this day guide us to a fantastic New Beginning. Have a great day.

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Sorry for the delay on this post. It’s my Birthday and I slept later
than I normally do!