Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


IX Hermit ~Eight of Water Stagnation

Everything seemed to be moving along well for us, but was it? Has there been some unspoken feelings, needs, or desires that we weren’t discussing with anyone, even with ourselves? Keeping feelings locked up inside us results in energy blockages. The blockages turn into pools of stagnation that kill our energy and focus. Today may be a day where we feel like we are getting nowhere, nothing is going right. That can very well lead to frustrations which could end up in unnecessary misunderstandings and hurt feelings. We need to take some time to ourselves today. Find a quiet spot and go within to discover what the cause of these blockages are. Then get moving, take a walk, go for a swim, do something physical to work the previously closed energy out. By acknowledging the feelings, needs and desires that we keep hidden from ourselves and our loved ones we can free our energy and regain our momentum and focus. Have a great day everyone.

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