Maneuvering Through a Mercury Retrograde

by elementhealing


Back in January we had our first Mercury Retrograde of the year. A few people asked me about it, I explained what the celestial event was and said I would write a post about it giving more information. Well, we are approaching our second of the year and this is that promised post 🙂 Gear up everyone, the second cycle begins in a few days.

Most of us are familiar with Mercury, the Roman God with the winged hat and sandals. He is the God of everything that has anything to do with communication. When Mercury goes Retrograde all forms of communication is at risk of interruption because he is temporarily not moving forward in the sky.

A retrograde cycle is not something that will affect just a few people. Everyone feels his touch, you can’t hide and wait it out. Once you understand the massive impact of a retrograde cycle you are in a situation to prepare and come through the period ahead of the game and not behind it playing catch-up.

There are generally three or four retrograde cycles in a year, and they last anywhere from 20 to 24 days. We have three cycles left, they are:

  • April 28 to May 22 [thankfully missing both my birthday and my son’s :)]
  • August 30 to September 22
  • December 19 to January 8

You can see the last cycle of the year overlaps into 2017 and includes Christmas as well as the New Year. We are also moving from a nine year into one year. This could be an interesting few weeks!

There are three questions that can be asked concerning Mercury Retrograde. The first question is; What exactly does this mean to us?

Stop for a moment and consider what kinds of communication go on every day in your life? We aren’t talking just about the possibility of miscommunications when talking to someone. All written and electronic communication is at risk during a retrograde cycle! We’re talking about possible issues with any form of the following :

  • Listening
  • Learning
  • Researching
  • Writing
  • Speaking clearly
  • Negotiating any kind of deal
  • Buying and Selling anything
  • All types of documentation
  • Manuscripts
  • Computers crashing
  • Telephone failures
  • Machine failures

The second question that could be asked is; How do you handle a retrograde?

During Mercury Retrograde everything is in a state of flux and it’s a good idea to avoid making any important decisions. To our human eyes, everything seems fine. Nothing looks different, but everything is subject to change more than normal.

  • Don’t buy or sell anything, chances are that after the retrograde you will find the same item for a better price or get a better price for it.
  • Don’t begin any kind of project or job. In a couple of weeks you may discover it’s not what you wanted after all.
  • Don’t sign any kind of contracts. You might be stuck in what may well be a bad commitment.
  • Avoid elective surgeries. Surgery is scary enough, this doesn’t need any more explanation.

Sometimes these types of decisions can’t be put of course, like in a situation where emergency surgery is required. But, if possible wait until the cycle is over to make important choices.

The third question to be asked is; What things can I do to successfully get through a retrograde cycle? There are several things that can be done:

  • Backup all your computers because it is not uncommon for them to crash.
  • When sending important mail, emails or faxes get a verification of receipt.
  • When traveling double and triple check tickets and travel times. If you are traveling by car make sure you know where you are going, make sure the vehicle is in good shape, take some snack food and a map!
  • Avoid taking on new clients. With everything being so fluid, they will probably be difficult to work with.
  • In school or work, make copies of your projects before you turn them in, just in case it gets lost.

The computer suggestion, yea, it’s a good one. I had a laptop go on vacation during a retrograde. I didn’t lose it, it just quit working. :/  Somewhere in the mechanics of this currently non-functioning piece of machinery is a book of poetry I was writing! Yup…sigh… Hopefully it’s something easy to fix like the battery. 🙂

Every year Mercury tends to favor a certain element. With this knowledge we have a clue as to how to handle the problems we may have during the cycle. This year Mercury is favoring the Earth Element. When problems arise we need to be practical instead of panicking or trying to be a knight in shining armor. Don’t do anything flashy or take risks to solve the issue. Be practical and you will be fine.

Mercury going Retrograde is the perfect time to slow down and pay attention to how you communicate with people. Are you truly communicating? Are you truly listening and understanding with the heart not just the head? With communication being quieter, this is a good time to look within ourselves and see where we are. Are we focused on having our feet solidly on the ground? Are our plans for the future looking good as we work toward achieving our goals? During these quieter times we can get ideas for projects that we can use after the retrograde. If we stay focused, alert, practical and patient we can come through Mercury Retrograde none the worse for the wear.

Have a fantastic day

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon