Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Four of Water ~ Abundance

When there is plenty of anything in our lives we begin to take it for granted. The novelty of abundance wears off and it just gets old. Sure we can acquire the trappings that go along with abundance but even that gets old. The card that came to us today is the Four of Water. This card is telling us that something within us has reached it’s peak and as a result a change is about to happen. Just like a cup that is full to the brim yet more liquid is added, naturally the cup will overflow. The universe always seeks balance. Now don’t gasp and imagine a huge loss is coming your way. This is not what the card means. Really, breath! This card is telling us that because we have an abundance in an area of our lives and perhaps we are getting a little bored with it. It is time to let the abundance flow out, to share it with others. Perhaps you have an abundance of skill in your work and you have a co-worker that is struggling. Help them out, be a mentor to them. Maybe your abundance is an overfull closet and you will never wear some of it ever again. Give it to a local charity, and allow someone in need to get just the item of clothes they are in search of to wear to an important event in their lives. Whatever our abundance is, lets share it today. Sharing will help others and give us a new appreciation for what we have been given. Have a fantastic day!

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