Focus and Distractions

by elementhealing




Hello everyone, I am back!
I was having a conversation with my guides about my goals recently. One of my guides response to me was “Are your goals smart?” It was a very good question because I overload myself with tasks and expectations, then beat myself up if I don’t get it all done. I guess that means that no they probably aren’t smart goals! I don’t have an issue admitting that I am a very creative person and my mind is going in many directions at once. So I can sometimes (OK frequestly) be distracted from one task and start on another. That has happened several times already writing this post. 🙂 and I am only one paragraph in! I can have the best goals and intentions but if I am not staying focused, I’m never going to get there. The issue is not one of not taking my goals seriously. I am incredibly serious and passionate about my purpose and my path. I just split my focus too much. Sometimes.

This got me thinking about a poster in a previous supervisors office. Prior to hurting my back my working career had been in Retail Management and Quality Control. The poster was the word Smart broken down into an acrostic. I am sure many of you have seen different variations of this breakdown. Whatever version you may have seen the message is the same. When you set a goal there are five things to consider. Is the goal:

S specific
M measurable
A attainable
R realistic
T time bound

It’s always a good idea to, occasionally, take a step back look at your life and take stock. How is it going? Are you making headway toward the goals you had set? Does anything need to change?  Being that this is a nine year and we are now in a retrograde cycle this seems like a good time to do that. I have been on a hiatus from my blog for several weeks trying to get my ducks in a proverbial row. You know as well as I do that doesn’t always work. I had family with farms when I was growing up and ducks don’t always play follow the leader. They may travel in the same general direction but not all at the same speed and not in line. Geese do and it’s adorable! OK I will not get distracted, I will not get distracted!

Dang, I got distracted again!

So you see my issue! I simply have too many things going at once. Since I decided to step back and take my break I have tried several ways of getting organized. Nothing has worked to my total satisfaction but I am still working on it. I have six projects in the works right now. Three of them I simply have not had the time to work on, so they are stuck on a back burner for now.

I have to set a goal to avoid distractions and stay focused on one thing at a time. To do that I need to make some decisions.

  1. What is most important to me? Then whatever doesn’t make this list I have to be willing to let go.
  2. How can I best work on the important things to keep them moving forward? Working on this one.
  3. How can I stay focused? This is two-pronged but an easy one, maybe. Have an office not the table in the dining room right in the middle of daily activity. My son is working on this one. Me being personally focused will take some work.

So taking this information, how can I take the S. M. A. R. T. goals plan and set some for me that I can stick to? My biggest issue is distractions, both external and internal. So, with a goal of no distractions and increased focus, is it:

S specific? My goal is to not be distracted from whatever project I plan for the day. I think that is specific enough.
M measurable? Yes it can be measured by the amount of work I get done during my work day.
A attainable? I am a Siverly. We never give up!
R realistic? It won’t happen over night but yes I think it is.
T time bound I’m not sure how to track this unless I give myself mini goals everyday and track my productivity.

Now the question must be asked. What can I do to reach the goal of no distractions and greater focus, so that I can get more done in less time, and achieve my ultimate goal. I am nowhere near the TV and I don’t watch it anyway so that is not an issue. I don’t listen to music when I work so that is not an issue. I think I need to do the following:

  1. Treat my day like I leave the house to work. By this I mean schedule my day more than I already do. My week is scheduled into which days I will work on what project. So I will act like I am in an office and work on whatever project is scheduled for the day and take breaks every 2 ½ hours, just like I am in a factory monitoring quality. Two 15 minute breaks and one 30 minute lunch break. That is making the leap that I only work eight hours!
  2. I won’t have as many tabs open on my computer. Tabs are temptations. 🙂 So is my phone I usually have it nearby so clients or family can reach me if they need to. I’ll keep it in the other room and check it on breaks.
  3. Have just what I need for the project I am working on in front of me. As I sit here I have in front of me jewelry I have been working on, binders for both blogs, as well as a notepad. I can so hear my college professor saying Sharon work smarter not harder! 
  4. Try to work and focus on one thing at a time! Being fully focused. This one may take some work. As I have been working on this post all afternoon, haha, did I just laugh at myself? Yes I did. 🙂 I have also been working on:
    The timeline for my other blog.
    Stewing about the hassle the historical society is giving me.
    Working out a process for making video posts for both blogs.
    Working on jewelry designs.
    All of this goes on in my head at once in addition to the sound I hear in my head. That alone can be very distracting. I truly do not understand how people can focus on just one thing at a time. If I want to reach my goals I have to do better at staying focused. On one thing at a time!


So that’s set. I will give a go tomorrow and see what happens. How do you guys stay focused?

Have a great day…

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon