Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Stress ~ Worry ~ Integration

We all experience days when we are stressed and all we can do is worry. Today may be one of those days. I drew the first card. The Five of Fire which is Stress and my intuition said keep going. So I drew the Five of Air, which is Worry. Then I thought OK one of those days, but my intuition again said, keep going. The third card was XIV Integration. This card changed the whole shift of the draw for us. We all have days where we allow ourselves to get drawn into the mire of stress and worry. It doesn’t get us anywhere but further into the mire. Today’s message is to try not to worry about it. The things we worry about will work out. It always does. We have the knowledge and the skill to handle whatever will come at us today. We just need to relax, breath and see the situation with calm eyes and a calm heart. When we do this we will see how the issue is showing us both the lesson we need to learn and how to find our way through it.

I thought is was interesting that all three of these cards are a five. We have the Five of Fire, the Five of Air and the XIV Integration, which reduces to a five. Five is Freedom! Have a wonderful day.

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