The Sad Truth

by elementhealing


It’s difficult to watch someone trapped deep inside fear and not be able to help. How do you help someone so wounded by life that they see no future for themselves? They keep waiting for the perfect event that will make everything better, but won’t do anything to help themselves reach that event? It’s difficult to know what to do. We can be supportive and encouraging all we want but it doesn’t help. If being supportive doesn’t help, anger and ridicule is surely not going to help. We can help financially until that is no longer an option for us, but if they will not venture out into the light, if they will not seek help to heal, or even admit they need it, what then?

The last thing they need is for family and friends to become enablers but often, because of their love for their friend or family member that is exactly what happens. By enabling they are trapping themselves in the pain of their loved one and making it worse. The enabler doesn’t want to be in this position. It simply makes life easier to help their hurting loved one to remain in their darkness. As horrible as that sounds, life continues to move forward and the enabler has to cope the best they can. If that means doing the wrong thing for the right reason, then that’s what sometimes happens.

The sad, painful truth is that we can’t do anything. In a situation where the person has an addiction problem there are options but when there is nothing like that happening, our hands are tied. It hurts so much to see their potential and their pain, to see that they are a shadow of the person they could be. We don’t know their path. Maybe being trapped in their pain is the lesson for this lifetime. All we can do is be there for them the best we possibly can, and pray they find the strength to fight their way out of the darkeness holding them in.

Have a good day.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon