Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Small Medicine Wheel

Life is an amazing gift. Everyday we wake up with the opportunity to get out there and try again. Some days go by without a hitch, others we spend fighting for every inch of ground we can get. Each day is a has a lesson wrapped up in it that takes us a little further down the road. Occasionally we have the special days, like today. We fought our dragons and have won. We learned important things about ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses and where we are going. Today brought us the Small Medicine Wheel. A brand new beginning! Pay close attention to what’s going on around us today. Look for something new or unexpected. It could be in something we see everyday but now we see it as if it’s the first time. Let our new outlook accompany us through the day and see what it shows us. This will be  a great day for getting our work out there and moving forward. Enjoy it and have a great day!

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** In the next week or so the Daily Draw will be changing and growing a little.
You might see Terry, Rose, John and myself experimenting with my idea
to see how best to incorporate it into the draw. Your feedback would be appreciated. **