Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Mother of Earth

No matter what is going on in our lives, there is nothing that makes us feel loved and cared for more than being surrounded by the people in our tribe. It’s the emotional connections we make with people that counts. It doesn’t matter if they are blood or not, if we can’t imagine our lives without them in it, they are family. Mother of Earth came to us today to let us know that some of our connections may need a little attention. Have we been so busy that we haven’t had the opportunity to sit and talk with those that mean the most to us? Do we have a good friend or family member that lives too far away to see everyday and we haven’t had a good long get caught up chat in a while? Today is a good day to work on our connections. Maybe we can take an impromptu trip to the beach or the zoo with the kids. Or have a BBQ and invite friends and family for a relaxing afternoon of fun. It’s the connections we have in our lives that support us and give us the strength to keep going when all we want to do is quit. Let’s keep those important connections strong. Have a wonderful day!

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