Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



There are many times in our lives that we come across situations that seem insurmountable, but because it’s important to us we carry on. Situations like this test how strongly we believe in ourselves and what we stand for. They are also interesting in that no matter how rattled a mountain sized obstacle might make us feel, if we stay in the moment, open-minded and don’t give up on ourselves we will always make it through to the other side. Today’s card is the Seven of Fire, the card of Endurance. This card is telling us to stand. Today is not the day to give up. Whether our individual mountains are relationship, work or spiritual. Use the obstacle as a tool to overcome, to grow. Push if we have to in order to gain ground. If we stay focused and in the moment we will find our way up and over that mountain and we will be stronger for it. Have a good day, Endure!

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