Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Good morning Everyone.
The card that came today is Disruption. It’s telling us to keep our eyes open and be prepared. A big change could come along today that might shake our world up and stop us dead in our tracks for a while. Good, or not so good, we’re strong and we can handle it. Maybe something we have been working on manifesting is going to materialize In our lives! It could be that someone we trusted will prove to not be a friend. Maybe a change we have been wanting to make for some time will finally present itself. Whatever it is could take us a little time and work to figure out. The key is to not fear what might be headed our way. Life happens and difficult times are our greatest teachers.  If we stay centered and keep our heads we can use this time as a learning moment and be even better off in the long run.

Thank you Terry for today’s guest reading! You can find her
blog at momterry. Feel free to contact her if you would like
a personal reading.

Introducing Our Universal Day Number

In Numerology we all have numbers that give us a look at who we are personally. The energy of a persons numbers can also be broken down to how an energy can influence a day. Universally this is also true. Today this number influence is Eight. Eight is a number of power and authority. This is a number associated with money and organization. Whatever comes today, we will have the energy of this powerful day to assist us in handling whatever it may be.