Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Seven of Earth ~ Depletion

Fear is often the reason people do things they might not ordinarily do. It triggers our self preservation instinct and we react, sometimes with disastrous outcomes. When fear of not having enough causes hang onto things that we need to let go we cause our energy to stagnate. This is the message of the card that came today. The Seven of Earth is the card of Depletion. Now is not the time for us to hang on tightly. Doing this will create a reality that we don’t have enough or that we aren’t deserving of the future we are working to manifest. Be willing to give of the blessings we have been given. If we can help someone today, do it happily with love. Don’t worry that by giving, we are leaving less for ourselves. Giving releases the stagnation and opens our energy, which allows us to receive, and learning to get by with a little less can help us understand what is truly important and what we can do without in our lives.

Universal Day 

Today’s Universal Day number is One. One is the number of beginnings, moving forward and leadership. Let’s take charge of the day and see where we can free ourselves from negative thought patterns and keep moving forward.

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