Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Page of Wands ~ Potential

Being on the edge of something new is always fun. The possibilities are wide open for new adventures and the changes it may bring could be just what we are looking for right now. The Page of Wands jumped out of the deck to tell us to be on the lookout for a new idea. Maybe we have an idea that could turn into something big, or we will meet someone today that could plant a seed of possibility in our minds. The Page is young and inexperienced but has big dreams and the freedom to make them real. He encourages us to be more spontaneous, to let our creativity flow and to dream big. Have we been thinking about making a change in our lives? If so then the message is to give it some serious thought then go for it. Don’t reject any ideas as too far out. What may seem a little crazy could be something that will change the world. Who would have thought the light bulb would be a thing!

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading.
If you would like a personal reading, contact me and
I will put you in touch with him.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s Universal Number is what’s known as a Master Number and that makes this a special day. Today’s number is 11/2. Master Numbers are very high energy and are associated with assisting the overall conscious awakening of the planet. Eleven is the combination of the one and two energy and is a gateway to higher consciousness. The energy of the day is of the visionary and the peacemaker. Let’s keep our minds open for possibility and our hearts, not only our ears, open to listen if issues arise. Have a great day everyone!