Forgive and Keep Trying

by elementhealing


Why do we continue behaviors we want to stop? A short temper, eating unhealthy or not exercising enough staying in a bad job. Whatever it is we tell ourselves that we are absolutely going to do it differently tomorrow. Next time, we are really going to stick with it. The next times flow by again and again, yet we still haven’t been successful. We deceive ourselves into thinking the change is going to just happen without any effort put behind it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up some morning to discover that we are 15 pounds lighter? Or that we are an expert at a new skill without putting in the time to learn.

Do we believe on an unconscious level that we don’t deserve the change we are wanting to make? That could be. Quite often we become what we live. The things we are told as children and the behaviors we witness in the people around us as we grow are powerful teachers. Those lessons can be difficult to unlearn. Knowing the truth of our ability to do and be whatever we want is one thing. To believe this truth in our heart and soul is another thing entirely when balanced against a lifetime of programming.

So what can we do? Give up and resign ourselves to a life that is less than we dream? Of course not! What we need is to forgive ourselves for being human and flawed. Yes we will fail, probably more than once. We have to decide whether or not the change we want is worth our continued effort. Then we love and forgive ourselves enough to keep trying, keep on trying.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon