101 Simple Things

by elementhealing


Credit for this image goes to Scale Simple

C from the happymeerkatreviews invited me to take part in the 101 challenge. In this challenge you create a list of 101 things that make you happy. That is quite a list! I am not sure I can come up with that many but I am going to give it a go! This challenge originated with the blog ScaleSimple I went to check this blog out and it’s pretty cool. You might want to check out both of these fine blogs.  🙂

There are rules of course, life is chock full of them and here are the three that need to be mentioned:

  • Write a list of 101 simple things that make you happy.
  • Invite five people to take up the challenge.
  • Mention Scale Simple!

So that’s done and onto my list: (Deep breath)

  1. My son
  2. My son-in-law
  3. My Mother
  4. My Brother and Sister
  5. Seeing my son working in the garden
  6. The Godhead
  7. Spirituality
  8. Angels
  9. Spirit guides
  10. Astral Travel
  11. Knowing I can warp time if I need to
  12. Knowing I have a direction and a goal for my life
  13. Being awake
  14. Love
  15. Truth
  16. Life
  17. Helping people
  18. Being a healer
  19. Tarot
  20. Numerology
  21. Being me
  22. Crystals
  23. Pudding Stones
  24. Labradorite
  25. Moonstone
  26. Friendship
  27. Being an empath
  28. Seeing people happy
  29. A nice glass of water first thing in the morning
  30. Cats
  31. Rabbits
  32. Chipmunks
  33. Driving
  34. The Mountains
  35. My house
  36. My car
  37. Wisconsin
  38. The ocean (Your not going to get me in it though)
  39. Rain
  40. The smell of rain
  41. Thunderstorms
  42. Fog (Radiant fog is my favorite)
  43. Nighttime
  44. The moon
  45. Stars
  46. The Universe
  47. Gin
  48. Margarita’s
  49. Sunday
  50. Being Barefoot
  51. Organization
  52. Incense
  53. The smell of sage burning
  54. Coffee (What an excellent idea this was)
  55. Chai Tea
  56. The sound of Seagulls
  57. Being outside
  58. Quietness
  59. Taking walks
  60. Reading
  61. Poetry Chaucer
  62. Rumi
  63. Joseph Conrad
  64. Agatha Christie
  65. Blogging
  66. The people I’ve met blogging
  67. Working
  68. Being a witch
  69. Being creative
  70. Photography
  71. Writing
  72. Notebooks (I love notebooks, I buy them even if I don’t need them)
  73. Making jewelry
  74. Learning
  75. Knowing I can go home
  76. Laughter
  77. Old houses
  78. Being in the woods
  79. The smell of the earth
  80. Wildflowers
  81. The smell of cut grass
  82. Trees
  83. Majestic oak trees
  84. Willow Trees
  85. Good conversation
  86. Swimming
  87. Being vegetarian
  88. Eating clean
  89. Fresh uncooked food
  90. Traveling
  91. Ireland
  92. Red licorice
  93. Dark chocolate
  94. Butterfinger
  95. Peanut butter
  96. Crows
  97. Owls
  98. Ravens
  99. Riding a bike
  100. Knowing everyone is unique
  101. Music
  102. Candles
  103. The sound of trains
  104. knowing I’ve made it this far!

Wow I wound up with more than 101 things. 🙂

This was more challenging than I had anticipated but it was cool because it makes you slow down, be in the moment and thankful for all you have. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it but I am glad I did. Thank you C for inviting me to do this challenge.

So to invite five people Hmmm 🙂 Keep in mind that you are not obligated to participate. If you choose not to that is fine, also anyone else that might like to take up the challenge is more than welcome!

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