Neptune and Other Retrograde Stuff

by elementhealing


I had originally planned this post to be a Wednesday Coffee Chat thing but as I was getting ready to write about how cool it is that Neptune has gone retrograde, my curiosity was piqued about the other planets. When do they go retrograde and what happens when they do?  I have to be honest, I am not deeply into Astrology and never have been, it’s too fiddly for me. I learn about what interests me and leave the rest alone. Although I would love to have my chart done, the insight gained would be beneficial. The only real planet I have ever followed has been Mercury. Being a communicator, I want to know when communication is going to be down.

So onward, this is going to be eye-opening, it was for me! Because there is a lot of information I am going to break it down by planet order from the sun, explain when it is retrograde and give a brief overview of its effect on us during that cycle.

Mercury: I did a post on this planet back in April if you would like to refresh your memory that link is here .
2017 Retrograde Cycle: April 9 – May 3
August 12 – September 5
December 3 – December 22

Venus: This planet will go retrograde July 25 and stay in the cycle until September 6. When retrograde our values and ideas are questioned. This is an excellent time to gain a deeper understanding of who we are and what we stand for.
2017 Retrograde cycle: March 4 – April 15

Mars: Mars is currently retrograde. It began on April 17 and will end June 29. Mars is a planet of action, so a retrograde cycle tells us to slow down and take a look at our goals. Are we on track? This is a good time to plan, rest and focus on channeling our energy into our goals. We are also encouraged by this retrograde to work on deepening our relationships, which you would think would be a Venus thing not a Mars thing but, Mars is action! Another interesting fact is that Mars only goes retrograde every two years or so. Perhaps because of its proximity to us?
2017 Mars will not go retrograde

Jupiter: Jupiter has already come and gone for us this year. The retrograde was from January 17 to May 9. This can be a brutal cycle. when retrograde it can seem like all forward motion comes to a crashing halt. So any building or gain we try to make for ourselves requires more time an effort. The upside is that during this time, things we cling to can be pulled away. If we are patient, self-imposed thoughts and habits can be removed, which will clear a path for forward movement after Jupiter comes direct again.
2017 Retrograde Cycle: February 6 – June 9

Saturn: This planet is currently retrograde. The cycle began May 25 and will end August 13. When retrograde, this planet brings in unwanted delays and roadblocks. Everything we do can require more work. During this cycle it is a good idea to use the time to  be realistic and re-evaluate our plans.
2017 Retrograde Cycle: April 5 – August 25

Uranus: Uranus will be retrograde from July 29 to December 29 this year. With it comes a burst of creative energy. There are new ideas and possibilities everywhere so find one that resonates with you and run with it!
2017 Retrograde Cycle: August 2 – January 2

Neptune: Neptune is currently retrograde. The cycle began June 13 and will end November 19. The beauty of this cycle is that the line between real and fantasy gets blurred. Dream big because anything is possible because manifestation can be easier. Another cool thing is our intuition and psychic abilities are more tuned in during this retrograde. Take advantage of this cycle to grow your intuition psychic ability. Keep in mind that with the barrier of reality and fantasy being more fragile we also want to be cautious about not pushing that barrier too hard. We don’t want to lose ourselves.
2017 Retrograde Cycle: June 16 – November 22

Pluto: Pluto is also currently retrograde. She began this cycle on April 18 and will come direct again on September 26. When in retrograde our desire for personal growth gets stronger. We seek inner truth and knowledge. This is a good time to define who we are and where we are headed.
2017 Retrograde Cycle: April 20 – September 28

Pretty interesting stuff! I am still letting it sink in. I had never really considered the energetic flow of the year. If we work with the natural ebb and flow of this energy instead of fighting it, we would be so much better off! I hope you find this as fascinating as I did.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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