Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Three of Air ~ Doubt

Occasionally an old thought pattern will come out of nowhere and nag at us, trying to get those old, no longer wanted thought patterns churning again. It’s not uncommon and this is today’s message from the Three of Air, Doubt. When an old thought pattern comes in for a visit. The best thing we can do is nothing. If we feel doubtful about something today, take a step back and wait to make any important decisions until we can regain our footing. Don’t make a lasting decision based on an old fear. Wait for our hearts to lead us back. Then when we are sure of ourselves again we can make our move with clarity and confidence.

Today’s Universal Number

It’s kind of interesting that today’s card is a three because our Universal number is three today. Three hold the energy of joy, creativity, optimism and luck. If an old thought patterns creeps in today, let’s use these qualities of the day to show it the door!

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