The Struggle With Ego

by elementhealing

I’ve been finding myself struggle with my Ego lately. I understand that the things I am having an issue with are a mirror to things in myself that need attention. Making that realization is a step in the right direction for me and I suppose this is the perfect year to make those changes within myself. I also understand that to have an Ego is necessary. It gives us a sense of identity, the I am me part of us but, I don’t want that aspect of myself to judge, criticize or feel like I am better than any other person. That is not acceptable behavior.

I think it’s a matter of living completely in a place of love. From a place of love we don’t hate, we don’t judge, we don’t feel jealous, we don’t criticizes ourselves or others. We recognize that everyone’s journey is different so there is no space for comparison or judgment.

I went to You Tube looking for something to help and I found this video. I hope you like it this guy is pretty cool.


 How do you keep your Ego in check?