Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


The Chariot

Passion, strength and determination are good things that can occasionally get us into trouble. Being passionate and determined about what we believe in, about our career or a goal is necessary, they gives us the drive to seek that goal and stand for what we believe. This is the message of today’s card, The Chariot. Today we may need passion and determination to overcome obstacles that might be in our way. There is nothing wrong with getting in the trenches and fighting for what we want but we must remember that it may not be an enemy that we are fighting against. We can use our passion, strength and determination to get us where we want to go without becoming overly aggressive and hurting someone or creating a bigger obstacle. If you find yourself going a little too far, take a step back and check yourself, find some balance, then keep going! Have a good day everyone.

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Today’s Universal Number

We begin another month today and the numbers are jumping back to start July off with the eight energy. Eight is a powerful number that seeks to take charge and win. It likes order and structure but also understands there is right and wrong, so balance is needed. Let’s use this energy to make some headway today.

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