The Happiness Tag

by elementhealing

Happiness Tag

I was trying to catch up on my reading and commenting the other day and while looking through Sue’s Space I read her post about The happiness Tag and discovered that she had tagged me 🙂 How fun! If you have not been to her blog, you should check it out. Sue is pretty cool!

There are three simple rules and here they are.
5 Things that make you happy.
5 Songs that make you happy.
5 Bloggers that make you happy. Let them know you nominate them and you are done.

Five things that make me happy 

  1. Sunday makes me happy because my family gets together. We share a meal, talk,  tell stories and laugh. Sunday is the best day of the week.
  2. Coffee, this was one of Father’s really good ideas!!
  3. Helping people become their best version
  4. Trees, I really love trees (I think I’ve mentioned this before. lol)
  5. Being Creative. I am a very creative person so taking what begins as a thought and then making it a tangible thing is pretty satisfying.

Five songs that make me happy 

It’s much easier for me to say Artists than songs because I like such a wide variety of music. Picking just five is not at all easy.

  1. Prince
  2. Los Lonely Boys
  3. Barbara Streisand
  4. Ethel Waters
  5. Natty Nation     this is a local reggae band, who doesn’t love reggae!

Five people I would like to take on the challenge 

  1. Trina  it’sgoodtobecrazysometimes
  2. Terry momterry
  3. Rose Loki’s Little Hippie Witch
  4. Ritu ButIsmileanyway
  5. Mary Mariejob

So that’s my fives, I hope you enjoyed them. To those that have been tagged, please don’t feel obligated if you are an award free blog. Tag!