Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Father of Fire

There are times in our lives when action is required. Sometimes we want something new and exciting, there may be times that an injustice needs to be corrected, and those times where action is required to make a dream come true. Bold action is the message from the Father of Fire today. It must be planned action, there is nothing irrational about this card. The Father of Fire is bold, well prepared and a man of integrity. Whatever actions we may have planned for today will require our full attention and confidence that it is the right action. Have a great day!

Today’s Universal Number

Today we have the first of six Master Numbers this month and the energy is that of the Master Number 22/4. This is the second of the Masters and it’s energy includes the two and the four. Two is cooperation, compromise, peace and harmony. Four is structure, discipline, focus and order. As a Master Number these energies are magnified. 22/4 is the Master Builder, the Architect of Peace. It’s a strong energy at our disposal today, so let’s use it well.

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