Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Eight of Water ~ Stagnation

Sometimes life beats us down, we are faced with so many roadblocks and losses that we feel like nothing is ever going to go right again. When this happens the sisters frustration and sadness come, their influence can be pretty oppressive. Especially this year because it is a year of endings. When we are in the depths of this, it’s difficult to see a bright side, but this is the message of today’s card. As badly as we may want to go to bad to bed and forget the day, we can’t let our energy stagnate. Sure we may be frustrated and sad today but let’s take some time to meditate, take a walk or even get away from people and scream if we have to in order to work through the feeling that are bottled up and get our energy moving again. With our energy moving we will find a way around the roadblocks and we can feel like we can stand again. Have a good day!

Today’s Universal Number 

Today’s energy is a five and we can use this today! Five is variety, change, freedom and adventure. Let’s do something fun and different today and break up the routine we get settled into!

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