Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Clown ~ Ace of Earth

Remember the idea we that we told ourselves could be a thing, the dream to do or be something that felt so real? Then we let life and responsibility, or if we are going to be honest, maybe it was fear that got in the way and we shelved that idea. It’s time to find that idea or dream, pull it down off the dusty shelf in the recesses of our minds and bring it out into the light of day. It may have been sitting on a dusty shelf but it was never far away was it? Dreams are like a beautiful plant on our window sill. It takes time and care to grow. Well, today’s cards, the Clown and the Ace of Earth are telling us it’s time to take a leap of faith and to manifesting our dreams. We must believe in our ability to manifest, the time is right, we have to try. Of course it will be difficult. Worthwhile things are rarely simple. Yes we might be scared, but believe it is possible! Talk to family, friends or business associates that have knowledge that can help. Just because it’s our dream, doesn’t mean we have to go at it alone. If we are working on them already, take a step back and ask if there is something we can be doing differently. Is there an idea we have but it seems like a risk? Is it one worth taking? If it is, plan well and go for it! The timing is right and it’s time to begin. Take that leap of faith! Have a wonderful day.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is a six. This numbers energy is focused on relationships and the responsibility that goes along with it. Not just to family and friends but to all people. Choose to be kind when we just want to tell someone where to go and how to get there. Take the time to be helpful. Choose love and kindness today!

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