Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



I decided that I wanted to use a different deck today. I was having a bit of an issue deciding which one though. At one point I had three of my four decks out, shuffled and drawn in front of me. I was about to reach for the fourth and I had to tell myself to quit obsessing and choose one of the three. The message of the cards was the same across the three decks of course 🙂 so I choose the first deck I was given. It is an Oracle deck. I had forgotten how pretty it is. ❤ The message of this card, Healing, is that a situation that has been causing us pain is beginning to heal itself. To fully heal we must open ourselves up to forgiveness and release those involved, including ourselves, from the pain that was caused. Forgiveness is a gift of healing that we need to use for us as well as others. By releasing the pain we can begin to find our center and balance again. We will start being kinder to ourselves and focus less on the hurt we felt and more on the positive things we have to look forward to. Have a good day everyone.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal energy is an eight. This is a strong energy that seeks order, structure and balance. Lets use this energy to look within today and see where we can help ourselves find a sense of balance and order within ourselves.

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