Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Nourish ~ Prepare ~ Escape

We all have responsibilities. We have people that depend on us and because we do, we work to take care of their needs as best we can. There is also a responsibility we have to ourselves. Quite often we put us last, but if we aren’t feeling at our best, how can we be there for the people we love? Today’s draw is telling us that we may need to focus on us. Are we feeling a little stuck? Is there something that we want to do for ourselves that we have been putting off? Have we been feeling like we need to take better care of our health by dieting or getting more exercise? Maybe we have been wanting to explore our spirituality a little more. Let’s spend some time today listening to what we need, then take the steps necessary to make any changes that will free us to be the person we want to be for our loved ones.

Thank you BJ for today’s guest reading!
If you would like a personal reading , contact me
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Today’s Universal Number

Today is the second Master Number day of this month and it is the energy of 11/2. This is the number of the gateway to higher consciousness. Today we will be a day for balance and harmony, strength and integrity. use this energy well today and have a fantastic day!