Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Daughter of Earth

Creativity can show itself in many ways. Gardening, photography, cooking, writing, painting and music are just a few of the possible outlets. The Daughter of Earth came today to let us know that this may be a highly creative day for us. In order to take advantage of this creative time we need to be calm, focused and allow the creative ideas grow and flow out in what ever form they need to be expressed in. There is a possibility that this strong creative time will stay with us for a while, so let’s nurture the time we have and use it well. This card can also mean the possibility of a baby. So for those who are hoping to have a child, this could be an excellent time to try.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal energy is a three. This is the number of self-expression, creativity, imagination and joy. That is perfect! Have a fabulous day today šŸ™‚

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