Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Can we believe in something that is not tangible? Of course, we can and do every day. We believe that air and oxygen exists to allow us to breath. We can’t see gravity, yet we know it is real. The ultra violet light of the sun will burn us but we can’t see those rays. Today’s card, Abundance, asks us to believe that whatever abundance we asked for is on its way to us. We just have to believe to the best of our ability. This is where we sometimes falter a bit. We believe in other things that are not visible to us yet we don’t always fully believe there is someone out there that will supply those things we need or want. Whatever it is that we asked for, money to cover a need or something we want, a friend who will understand and accept us for who we are or help with a creative project, just believe that our abundance is coming, right now, today!  Have a great day all you lovely people.

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is the third of six Master Numbers this month and that is 33/6. Having the energy of both the three and six this number is highly creative and focused on joy, laughter and service. Let’s use this high creative energy to work on projects or plan ahead and have a happy loving day.

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