An Award!

by elementhealing


Lisa, from Life of an El Paso Woman has very kindly nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. I am honored to be nominated. They are a great way to get to know fellow bloggers. Lisa’s blog can be found here. Check it out, I enjoy it and I am sure you will also.

There are rules, of course!

  • Explain how and why you started blogging
  • Offer advice to new bloggers
  • Nominate bloggers for the award

How and why did I start blogging?
I started blogging at the urging of my son. He thought it would be a good way to help build my business. I wasn’t sure that I had anything to say that anyone would want to read but I figured, life is an adventure why not give it a go. It will be two years in October and I can honestly say it’s been an enjoyable experience. I have met some wonderful people and read some truly talented writers.

What advice would I offer?

  • Stick with it. The first few weeks or months are slow going but it will get better as people find you.
  • Networking is important. Take part in the meet and greets that are available. They are a great way to meet and follow other blogs and for them to find you.
  • Blog about what excites you. If you are passionate about it then chances are other people will be as well.
  • Be who you are.
  • Spell check is your friend!
  • Read, like and comment to the bloggers following you as much as you can. They will do the same.
  • Try to be consistent with posting so your followers know when you will have something new up.

Who to nominate!

Selective Thoughts
A Kinder Way

As always if you choose not to participate that is perfectly alright, and, if any reader not nominated that would like to have a go, please feel free, I would love to read about how you got started and what tips you have!

Have a great day!