Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Love Begins

Good Morning Everyone, I trust you all had a wonderful week and that it was full of smiles, happiness and love with a touch of challenge to keep things interesting. Most of all I hope it was filled with love. The card that came for us today is Love Begins. This is the first of the emotion cards and signifies that a new love opportunity is coming. This can take several forms and does not necessarily mean a physical, romantic love but if you are single and looking, open your heart and be aware of who is aware of you! If we have a partner maybe we will fall in love with them all over again with a surprise romantic dinner. It could also be a renewed self love and an awakened desire to take better care of ourselves or even a love for a new idea or goal that we have brewing in our hearts. Let’s use the power of this card and this day to open our hearts to the higher vibrations of the universe to lead and direct us to love today. Have a wonderful day, see you here next week!

Today’s Universal Number 

Today’s energy is Seven. This number is all about wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Lets use the energy of the number to understand what love will bring us.

Thank you Terry for today’s guest reading! You can find her
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