Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Spiritual Growth

Life is a never-ending series of learning and growth. With each period of growth we change into a new version of ourselves. As we incorporate each lesson into our belief systems we release the old and no longer needed aspects of who we were. Today’s card is Spiritual Growth. It hints that we may learn a new spiritual truth about ourselves. Perhaps we have already discovered something new and now we are ready to release any old thought patterns or beliefs that no longer serve our highest good. Letting go of old versions of us can be difficult but we shouldn’t be afraid. Whether the change is big or small, by releasing the old and accepting the new we are getting closer to our perfect selves.

Today’s Universal Number 

Today’s energy is a nine. Another cycle has completed itself and we are getting ready for a new start tomorrow. What a perfect day for releasing and letting go!

Today’s Crystals

Today’s crystals are Amethyst and Flourite. Both are perfect to carry with us or wear if we want to focus on Spiritual Growth. Amethyst opens our spirituality and encourages growth. Flourite is found in many different colors and combinations of color. Each has its own purpose but as a whole it is a crystal that helps improve concentration and understand truth on a higher level.

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