Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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As children we had our parents, family, and teachers to guide us along the path to adulthood. Generally we did what we were told, when we didn’t we suffered the consequences. Guidance is a comforting thing. We like to think we are strong, independent, and can handle everything on our own but sometimes we just want a little validation that we are making the right decisions or heading in a direction that will be good for us and those we love. Today’s card, Listening, is that validation. This card is telling us that our Guardian Angel is always with us, and always speaking to us. We just don’t always understand how they guide us. Messages come many ways and are usually repetitive. They communicate through our intuition, dreams, visions and occasionally we can actually hear them! As we go through our day today we can be confident that we have someone showing us the way. Let’s trust our guidance and see where it takes us. Have a great day!

Today’s Universal Number

Today we start the cycle again, new beginning. Let’s set our intention for the coming nine days and listen to our intuition for guidance.

Today’s Crystals

Today’s crystals are Moonstone and Clear Quartz. Along with its other properties, Moonstone is great for helping us see and respond to our intuition. Clear Quartz is a good all around crystal. It’s a receiver and an amplifier, if we want to recognize and follow our guidance this would also be a good crystal for that purpose.