Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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When we feel trapped by a situation, working at our most efficient and creative level is not going to happen. All we can do is think about what is holding us back. We just want the weight off our shoulders and want to be free. Today’s card, Escape, is hinting that we may feel restricted today. This card is telling us there is a way to escape this feeling, we just need to relax, think and talk about it with a friend or partner. Maybe a situation at work or home has reached a critical point and we feel like we can’t get out from under it. Or a relationship is making us feel confined. Whatever the situation is, we can be free, when we are we will feel more like ourselves again and be able to deal with the situation.

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Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal number is one. What a perfect number to go along with today’s card! if we are feeling confined today, let’s use this energy to find our way out and begin again.

Today’s Crystals

Today’s crystals are Moonstone and Calcite. Both white because white is the color of freedom. Moonstone brings us wisdom by taking us inward to find the pieces of ourselves we keep hidden. Calcite for intelligence, healing and creativity.