Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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It’s been a rough year so far. It has been a year full of challenges both expected and unexpected. We may even have had days where we felt abandoned. Today’s card, Blessings, is here hinting that today may be one of those challenging days where we feel like there is no help anywhere. That is not the case though. The message of this card is that the Godhead, whatever you call them, will never leaves us. Neither do our Guardians and Spirit Guides. They are with us even now giving us support and guidance. All we have to do is ask for help, then allow them to do what they do so well. We sometimes feel like we must do everything ourselves but, help is there waiting for us to ask. Let’s not be afraid to call on our Angels if we need them today. Have a good one.

Today’s Universal Number

Today we have the first Master Number of the month and it is 22/4. This is the number of the Master Builder and the Peacemaker. A high energy day that will help us get through any challenging situations we may face today.

Today’s Crystals

When we are in need of anything and want to manifest a solution, no matter what it is, there are many crystals that can help us achieve our goal. Today’s crystals are Citrine and Aventurine. Both help manifest the finances we may need.

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