Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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We all have a dream tucked away, something we’ve always wanted to do but never did. It sits right on the edge of our thoughts, reminding us of a trip we always wanted to make, a creative project or a business idea. Today’s card, Pursue, is telling us that we should get those dreams out and take a look at them. If years of denying our dream didn’t make it go away, then maybe we should give them some thought, get started making some plans and go for it. Let’s listen to our intuition today and give a buried dream some serious thought. Why not go for it!

Today’s Universal Number  

Today’s energy is five. This is a number that embraces change. Going on new adventures and taking risks is something this energy enjoys above all. Let’s find time to take a little adventure today and have some fun. And, let’s not be afraid to take a risk on a dream.

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