Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing



When we ask a family member or a friend for help the ability or willingness to assist us is apparent. When we ask the Godhead for help, there is always an answer, sometimes it’s an answer we do not recognize and it’s missed, leaving us to feel alone. The message of today’s card is that our cries for help are heard. We just need to look for signs being given that show us the way and what to do. Sometimes angels will appear bodily to us and be the help we need. Other times answers may come in the form of a song we hear over and over. In the words there is a message for us. Sometimes we see messages in nature. A bird or cloud, catches  our attention and it inspires the answer to our need. The answers to whatever we need are here for us today, we just need to look for the signs. Have a wonderful day!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is six. This is a number about relationships and responsibility. Today may find us trying to create more harmony and balance in our lives. This may just be an answer to prayer.

Today’s Crystals

Today we have Prehnite. An amazing crystal that among other things will help us connect to the Divine, live from a heart based perspective, and will help us develop a stronger intuition.

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