Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Archangel Michael

Everyone has those moments when things are changing so fast that we’re not sure what to do next, we feel scared, intimidated or backed into a corner. Today may be one of those days and Archangel Michael came to let us know he is here for us. Michael is the leader of the Godhead’s army and will give us the all the courage and strength we need to see whatever we are dealing with through to the end. Like all angels he is nondenominational and available to anyone that calls for his help. Let’s call if we need him today, tell him everything that is going on then allow him to stand with us.

Today’s Universal Number 

Today is an eight-day. It’s a powerful day but being August and an eight is special because it’s doubled. Eight is infinite, the characteristics of this number get a bolt of energy, kicking it up a notch today. Today’s energy may be extra structured, ordered and in control. This energy along with Archangel Michael will see us through. Have a wonderful day.

Today’s Crystal

Today we have the powerhouse of Clear Quartz. It’s energy clears negativity and protects our aura. It helps us remain emotionally stable. Quarts is a storehouse of knowledge and a transmitter of energy. It’s an excellent crystal to have with us today.