Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Divine Timing

Being told not yet is one of the most difficult things to hear or accept. We are living a human life governed by a clock and our egos. Having to wait for anything is not easy. Some of us are more patient than others but when it comes to something we want, being asked to be patient is not necessarily what we want to hear. Well, Divine Timing is back today and lovingly telling us the time is not right, yet. There are several potential reasons for this delay. We could have more growing to do and might not be ready to receive what we are waiting for. That situation we are manifesting may not be ready, or perhaps the thing we desire most is not what is best for us. Like it or not we have to understand that timing is important. We should pay attention to the signs and ask ourselves what the delay is about. This insight can show that we might not be ready after all or that the reality we are manifesting isn’t truly one that would make us happy. Whatever the reason, today we must wait. While we are doing it we can take a step back and reexamine the situation and make adjustments if needed. Then continue to keep doing what we can to be ready when the timing is right. Have a fabulous day!

Today’s Universal Number

The universal energy today is nine. This is about completion, we have come full circle again. Today we finish up what we can and release what we no longer need in order to be ready to begin new tomorrow.

Today’s Crystals

Today’s crystal is one of my favorites, Labradorite. This is a crystal is great to use for meditating and it helps us to think creatively when working through changes in our lives. It helps us develop clarity and a sense of perfect timing.

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