Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Children love to play don’t they? Through various games they learn how to get along with others, they learn sharing and to be fair. It’s also fun! This is the message of today’s card, Children, we need to have a little fun. We get so busy doing grown up things that we forget to honor our inner child. Do something that will relieve stress and put a smile on our faces today. If fun is curling up with a favorite beverage and a book, go for it. If it’s rock climbing, be careful! Take the kids, and go do something everyone will enjoy. Be wild! This card may also hint of a new child so if you are trying and not already pregnant, perhaps today would be a good time?!

Today’s Universal Day 

Today we have the second Master Number of the month and it is 11/2. This is the number of the gate-keeper and the visionary. It’s also a highly intuitive number. Let’s use these energies today and see what we can do with them.

Today’s Crystals

We have Moonstone today. This crystal holds the wisdom and intuitive aspects of the moon. There are several crystals to use when trying to conceive a child and Moonstone is one of them. Carry it with you and keep a piece by the bed along with Rose Quartz.