Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Dreams can be interesting, funny and even scary. In them we can travel anywhere, be anybody and even try things we might not otherwise. They are a safe way for us to work through problems and find creative solutions to issues in our waking lives. Today’s draw is Dreams and it’s here to let us know that it is important to pay attention to them right now. The messages we are receiving could be the answers we are looking for in the subjects and symbolism we encounter while sleeping. If remembering dreams is difficult there are a couple of ways to recall them in the morning. We can keep a dream journal. Immediately after waking write down as much as can be remembered, this often triggers more memories of the dream later in the day. Another tool for recall is to tell ourselves we will remember our dreams in perfect detail when we wake up. Sweet dreams!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s universal day energy is four. This a day for structure, organization and getting things accomplished. Have a great day!

Today’s Crystals

Jade is a fantastic crystal to use to access dreams and gain insight about our dreams and their meanings. Keep a piece near the bed or under the pillow and see where dreams take us.

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