Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Most everyone looks forward to a celebration, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or even the holidays. We look forward to getting together with friends and family to enjoy that moment of happiness. Today’s card, Celebration, is here to let us know that we should get ready for a joyful moment in our lives. The work that we have been putting into our growth has brought us to this point. We should embrace gratitude and not let go because the seeds of manifestation we planted are getting ready to bear fruit. Hold onto the feelings of joy, love and thankfulness; they are the water and sunlight that help our dreams flower.

Today’s Universal Number 

Today is going to be a high energy adventure. We have the Master Number 33/6 to accompany us through our day. Being a double three, today’s energy is very creative and social and joyful. This could make it a good day for getting everyone on the same page for a project at work. With six being a relationship number, it’s an excellent opportunity to spend time with friends and loved ones. Foster new relationships by doing something nice for someone you don’t know, or do a random act of kindness and make someones day.

Today’s Crystals

Today we have Citrine. The energy of this crystal is creative and joyful. It’s also a good crystal for manifesting positive cash flow into your life. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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