Coffee Break Chat

by elementhealing

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The thought occurred to me that I could change the title of these posts to Coffee Break Rant. But, that isn’t the energy I want to be putting out, so I will leave it as is. As always, help yourself to a cup of coffee and get comfy. We are chatting about how to reach closed-minded people today.

This chat is the topic today because I had an interaction on social media recently that saddened me. A friend posted an interesting video on her Facebook and opened the floor to conversation about the subject. She and I spoke briefly then it hit the fan and any chance of open-minded conversation went out the window with the oncoming rush of closed-minded indignance attacking me for my point of view.

At first, this was met with mixed feelings on my part. I was a little hurt and put off that anyone would react like that. I do recognize that my reaction is my choice and has nothing to do with my attackers. If I get all but hurt about something it’s generally a trigger that there is some growing or releasing to be done on my part. I accept that. What I will not accept is being bullied and disrespected by someone who has not done the research and will not accept an opportunity for a calm and open-minded conversation.

Now I am an earth sign, a Taurus, because of this I am a very laid back and patient person. I did my best to be pleasant to my attackers and accepting of their choice to believe what they choose to be their truth. I will not deny anyone that right, but don’t ever condemn me for speaking my truth and call me a moron for not believing as you do! Well, I am ashamed to say I gave it to one of the women with both barrels, dropped the mike and walked away from the conversation. This morning I apologized to my friend for my part in the fiasco that manifested on her post.

How do you reach people who are so closed that they will not even entertain the thought of an opinion other than their own? Often times these opinions are not even their own. They are an acceptance of a belief system that has been handed down across generations. The very sad “People like us can’t do that” idea. Some people blindly accept what they see on the news or in the paper as reality on the premise that governments and the media are telling the truth.

Maybe it’s just me. I question everything. I accept no opinion without doing the research and asking the Godhead first. The question remains, how do you reach someone so closed? I guess it’s not possible. People must want to grow and consider new lines of thought. So all we can do is Love them. They remain our brothers and sisters regardless of personal beliefs. All people are allowed to believe any reality they choose and, all people should be given that freedom without being bullied for their choice of reality. Respect and Love is what it boils down to.

What do you think? How do you handle situations like this?

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon