Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


New Love

Love is an interesting word. So many variations and levels of meaning have been associated with it. We can love our favorite ice cream, our home, a song and the people we have in our lives. With today’s draw we are looking at self-love. This card can mean the coming of a New Love into someone’s life. If you are single and looking, keep an eye out! The message I am receiving today with this card is that we are beginning a phase of increased self-love. I am being asked to tell you exactly what I am hearing. So here it is: “My child love yourself, care for yourself, it is when you understand and love yourself that you are able to love and be loved in return. For love begins within you.”

Today’s Universal Number

Today we have the nine energy. Nine is universal love, compassion and tolerance. Let’s begin with ourselves.

Today’s Crystals

Rose quartz is this first choice today because it is the crystal of love.

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