Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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It can be so easy to slip into a pattern of negative thinking. Some days all it takes is one little disappointment to set us off and we are marching briskly down WhyBother Road berating ourselves for even trying at all. Today’s card Focus hints that we may face situations that could challenge our ability to stay focused on what is important to us. Rather than becoming negative we need to keep our focus, stay positive and on track. A clear focused mind can make adjustments to goals or plans faster than a negative one. We’ll get where we are going. Sometimes life takes us on detours. All we can do is enjoy the view, learn the lessons, and stay focused on whatever we are doing today!

Today’s Universal Number 

Today we start again with the cycle of nine. The universal energy is one and resonates confidence, leadership and drive. We have a chance to set our intentions, zero in on what we want and confidently go after it.

Today’s Crystals

We have Flourite and Emerald today to help us maintain focus. Flourite enhances focus and concentration and the Emerald increases our understanding.

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