Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


Good Morning to you all. I trust you had a wonderful week that didn’t try your patience too bad. This is the message of today’s card and it’s telling us that there might be a need for patience, self-control, and balance in our lives today. Life can be a challenge to our patience, some people can be as well, but when we learn how to balance our physical and spiritual lives it becomes easier. It sometimes takes a while but by paying attention to those areas of our lives that aren’t working we can see where seeds of change need to happen. Are we spending too much time working and not enough with our loved ones? Are we listening to our intuition and spending time in meditation? Are we being patient with others that grate on our last nerve? Let’s be open to the lessons we can take from recognizing what our hearts and minds tell us is out of balance. When we take a step back, and see where we need to gain some self-control, it helps us to renew our faith in ourselves.

Today’s Universal energy

The Energy for today is three. Let’s use the joyful, creative energy of this day to see where we can bring more  control and balance into our lives. Have a good one, be safe, see you next Monday.

Thank you Terry for today’s guest draw!
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