Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Truth & Integrity

Today’s world likes conformity doesn’t it? Quite often people live the lives that they are expected to live, rather than the one they want. Today’s card Truth & Integrity hints that we may find ourselves in a situation that might challenge what we believe to be true and right. Whether in the workplace or our personal lives, we might have an opportunity to either speak and live our truth or follow the crowd. Being the odd one out can be rough and cost us friends, perhaps even bring us some difficulties at work. That can be a tough choice to make but when we are strong enough to release what doesn’t serve our highest good, a space is open for something better to come in. Whatever the situation we may find ourselves in today. I hope we all find the strength to do what is true and right for us. Have a great day everyone!

Today’s Universal Number

Today we find ourselves in a four energy day. Being a down to earth and practical number, we may find ways to make things more orderly and structured making life work more efficiently.

Today’s Crystals

We have Clear Quartz and Moonstone today. Clear Quartz is a wonderful crystal to have with us all the time. It clears negative energy and is a powerful healer. Moonstone help us go within and find our truth, the missing pieces of ourselves.

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