Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Each time we go to bed, we drift into a magical place where anything is possible. In the land of dreams we can be and do whatever we want when we please. With the drawing of today’s card Dreams, we are asked to pay more attention to them. Dreams are not something to keep our minds occupied, they are a tool to help us learn and grow. In our nightly wanderings we can travel to any destination we choose and discover aspects of our world and ourselves we may not have realized. Dreams reveal to us things we need to know through symbols. Once we decipher how they speak to us we can access the knowledge of our dream time. By paying attention we may find the answers to our questions. Have a great day!

Today’s Universal Number

Today’s energy is a six and brings our focus to relationships. Six is loyal, idealistic, responsible and geared towards service. By using this energy to decipher our dreams we can, perhaps, move forward and better provide for those we love.

Today’s Crystals

We have Labradorite and Amethyst today. Each of these do well to aid the understanding of dreams. Labradorite helps us see through the symbols and illusions in dreams to recognize our real goals. It is also a good crystal for strengthening intuition. Amethyst is good to use when having trouble sleeping. Put a piece under the pillow and it will help you drift off to a pleasant sleep. Being a crystal that opens one to the spiritual realm it’s perfect for helping remember and understand dreams.

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