Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing


New Beginnings

It’s so easy to fall into a comfortable routine and stay there. Before we know it months or years have passed and we wonder what happened and why we might feel like we missed something. Today’s card New Beginnings suggests that we be willing to open ourselves to something new or different. Growth only happens when we step outside our comfort zone. When we open the doors to a new point of view, we expand our lives to possibility and give ourselves a fresh clean slate. Join a book club, sign up for a class about a skill or subject we would like to delve into. Do something new and different today. Meeting new people with ideas and experiences unlike our own gives us a chance to grow our circle of friends as well as ourselves. Have a beautiful day!

Today’s Universal Number

Today we have the seven energy and we may find ourselves in situations that will allow us to use or gain more of this numbers energy of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Today’s Crystals

Today we have Aventurine. This crystal is known as the “Stone of Luck” it helps us recognize opportunities and gives us a boost to better our chances of getting a raise, promotion or something else we may want to bring into our lives. Green crystals help draw money to us, Aventurine also helps us break release old habits, thought patterns and beliefs that hold us back. The Aventurine is set in a Quartz Crystal Grid with a piece of Citrine to add creativity and joy to enhance it’s energy.

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