Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Know – Do – Grow

I have something different today. After I drew today’s card I was asked to draw two more, so I did. With this spread I asked three questions. What do we need to know, what do we need to do and how will this help us grow today?

What do we need to know? The first card that came is Balance, it suggests that we need to take a look at our lives and see if we are out of alignment somewhere. Are our physical and spiritual lives balanced? What about our work and home life? When all the areas are in harmony we are at peace.
What do we need to do? This card asks us to let go. To Surrender and Release is not always something we can do easily. We grow up believing that we are on our own and must do everything ourselves, to tough it out. This card asks us to let it go, turn our worries over to whomever we call God, and let Him/Her/Them work on it for us while we continue to do our best. It also asks us to release what is not working for us. If it’s not helping us grow, it’s got to go. Yes, this is easier said than done sometimes. Hanging onto what we know, even if it’s painful or holding us back is comfortable and less scary than taking a chance on the unknown.
How will this help us grow? The final card today is Emerging. Life is a continuing cycle of growth with the goal being that we become the best versions of ourselves. When our lives are balanced; when we are able to let go of what does not help us, we can heal and build a solid foundation upon which we are able to learn the lessons needed to break out of our shells and become who we are meant to be.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is the final Master Number of the month and it’s a big one. We have 44/8. This is a fairly rare number and is the number of the Master Healer. It carries an energy that brings growth, by asking us to take an active role in our lives instead of a reactive one. The energy it gives off is powerful and seeks a balanced and strong foundation.

Today’s Crystals

With today’s draw we have Turquoise, Rutilated Quartz and Obsidian. With our first card, Balance, we have Turquoise which brings balance to our physical and spiritual lives giving us peace. Our second card Surrender and Release, has Rutilated Quartz. This is an excellent crystal for healing. It brings light to our bodies, clearing our aura and chakras. It allows us to let go of those things that we no longer need by going deep; getting to the root of the issue then helping us release. With the final card Emerging, we have Obsidian. This crystal is very stabilizing, grounding, and supportive. It works to heal from a soul level. This is a powerful crystal that not everyone can handle easily. Although it is a great tool to encourage growth, it clears on such a deep level that we need to be prepared to handle the emotion and pain it will be releasing.

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