Today’s Daily Draw

by elementhealing

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Divine Guidance

Welcome to the first day of Mercury Retrograde and what a perfect card to accompany it. Divine guidance is suggesting that we slow down today, to spend time listening. The world is a noisy place, so much so that we often don’t hear the guidance being given in response to our prayers. It is there though in the whispers of our intuition. The gut feeling we brush aside as we barrel through our day. Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to go within. Let’s begin today by spending some quiet moments in meditation. Have a great day everyone.

Today’s Universal Number

Today is the final Master Number of the month and it is 11/2. Again, how perfect is this! Today we have the beacon to higher consciousness guiding us to higher spiritual knowledge and deeper insight. Let’s use it well.

Today’s Crystals

When the Divine Guidance card came up this crystal leaped forward in my mind. This powerhouse is a good choice if one is seeking clarity and guidance. It clears energy blocks in the physical and etheric bodies. Selenite works with the third eye chakra so it is a great aid for strengthening intuition and psychic ability. It’s also a good crystal for releasing negativity.

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